How To Use Artificer Class Features

Artificers are the first official class to be added in the 5e game, since the beginning. Artificers have bounced around the playtesting for years and years, before getting a real launch. Artificers are mostly complicated, versatile and even they walk between underpowered and downright broken.

Many players question was How do you play these mechanical geniuses? If you also have the same question, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to use the artificer class features.


Artificer has got a lot pretty useful stuff to do. But it will a bit confusing class for noobs. So let’s go through the class features that one must need to understand and use properly to win the match.

Spellcasting- Artificers have a low spell, which means you will be getting fewer spells than the other casters like wizards and sorcerers. The spell list is pretty low when compared to other classes.

You can learn all the spells on artificer spells listed here easily. As you get a small number of cantrips, and rather uniquely to the class you need to swap out the cantrip if you like to level up.

Magical Tinkering – You’ll get a cobble together with little magical doodads that sort of act like prestidigitation. You can make a mage light stick, mini message recorder, and the mage mark. Drop light sticks down shafts to see their depth or use noisemakers to distract enemies.

Infuse Item – It’s the heart and soul of the artificer allowing you to get to make items. You get a bunch of different choices, but most of them boil down to creating a specific magic items from the list. You’ll have to make these items during a long rests and you can even let the other players use them.

Best Races for an artificer everyone must try

DND 5e is extremely flexible and you should never feel forced to squeeze out every possible bonus. However, if you want to try and optimize your abilities, the following races will provide some of the best synergies with artificer class:

  • Gnome
  • Hobgoblin
  • Warforged
  • Human

List of Best Artificer Feats

  • Elemental Adept
  • Lucky
  • Magic Initiate

Final Words

The artificer in 5e is incredibly powerful and versatile. If you have any queries or get stuck on any level, feel free to ask them in the comment section given below.

How to Install Mobdro on iOS (Latest Guide)

Mobdro is a high-quality streaming application for movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, and other content, as well as traditional TV channels and sporting events. Until a while ago, the app was only available on Android devices. However, now people have an answer, you can get Mobdro on an iPhone. In a few small steps below, I will show you how to download this iPhone app.

In this article, we will discuss the existence of the Mobdro iOS version for iPhone device users.

Steps to Install Mobdro on iOS Devices

If the steps below don’t work, we’ve listed you with some best alternative options at the end of the article.

Step 1: Download the latest version of the vShare application compatible with all iOS devices. This application will allow you to download the Mobdro application and run it via the vShare platform.

Step 2: Once the vShare application is downloaded, you need to install it on your device. If asked, click on the “Trust” option to run the vShare application. If not, go to your phone settings and manually activate the approval option.

Step 3: Launch the vShare app store, search and download Mobdro APK. Once the file is downloaded, you must double-click it to start the installation. Again, if asked, tell your iPhone that you can trust this app.

Step 4: Once the installation of Mobitro is complete, you can use the application and immediately start your streaming.

Mobdro iOS Alternative

Nowadays, iOS device users have many options to access TV channels on their devices. We have compiled the best options for you in this section of this article.


In the case of international entertainment, no application has ever dominated the service. They are the most subscribed entertainment providers externally onto your iOS devices. Users can pay after trying the one-month trial plan. The trial version is completely free with some limitations. Membership plans also benefit in the long term.


Many might have heard of this when you search for some Mobdro alternatives. Kodi, an open-source application, Kodi is one of the best alternatives for Mobdro on iOS devices. In addition, a Mobdro add-on is available to users via the Kodi application. Therefore, it seems to be the best choice for all applications.


Although the application is a new entry in the entertainment field, it offers its incredible services to many users. The app serves its users in different languages ​​and regional channels depending on the location of the user.

Popcorn Time

This is another worthy application and a better Mobdro alternative option available for iPhone. Popcorn Time, users can find and enjoy the best programs and TV shows online. This service is similar to easy to use for all users. In addition, it offers a better resolution option for screen displays.


There are many options that users can search on the web. We have discussed with you some of the most prominent and famous alternatives apps here. However, you can also find your choice. There are factors that keep Mobdro waiting for the iPhone. If you have any better suggestion, feel free to share with us.


Best fire type Starters pokemon you should capture

In your initial decision, there is three types of Pokemon you can choose from water, grass, and fire. We are here to list the Reasons why Fire-Type Pokemon are the Best Starters.

Fire-type is known to be one of the three types of starter Pokemon. Their attacks are based on Fire attacks and most of them attack that can burn. Fire-type Pokemon have fewer species than other starter types due to the absence of natural phenomena.

Some fire species are based on the terrestrial animals that are known for their predatory, such as Pyroar, Arcanine, and Heatmor. You can win the gym battles and raid, using the strength and weakness chart of the Pokemon in this post.

It is very hard to deny that the fire Pokemon has a pretty sick evolution. In Red&Blue, the fire starter, Charmander evolves into Charizard.

Best Fire Type Pokémon

  1. Arcanine
  2. Volcarona
  3. Talonflame
  4. Ninetales
  5. Heatran
  6. Blaziken
  7. Ho-Oh
  8. Charizard

15 Reasons why the Fire-type pokemon are the best starters:

  1. They are very rare than other type Pokemon.
  2. They have very few weaknesses.
  3. They have incredibly tough evolutions.
  4. Many Fire Starters gain an additional type when they evolve.
  5. They are extremely fast.
  6. They have really high attack stats.
  7. They have high special attack stats.
  8. Very strong against a lot of types of Pokemon.
  9. It is modeled after real animals.
  10. Looks Very Cute.
  11. Charizard is the most searched Pokemon.
  12. It has a few moves that inflict damage after they have been used.
  13. It has unique and annoying challenges for you.
  14. It makes you a well-rounded Pokemon trainer.
  15. Fire is just pretty cool.   


Pokemon X and Y changed all of that. Where Charizard was granted, not just one but separate Mega forms, the only Pokemon besides Mewtwo is to be given that honor. Charizard became a monstrously powerful pokemon in Sun sweeper and a formidable Fire & Dragon attacker both in one.

How to Clean an Iron Box easily

clean iron box

Iron gets dirty every time, even if you try to keep them squeaky clean. The metal plate gets dirty when dust accumulates on it and scorched when clothes get burnt.

A nasty black stain on your iron box is the result. Ironing process gets slower and heat will not be distributed on the metal plate if the iron is not clean. There is also the risk that your clothes will be stained during ironing, especially if you are using a steam iron box.

People often don’t give much thought to buy an iron box as it’s a must need home appliance. With that being said, no one wants to wear wrinkled and crumpled clothes to make fun of themselves.

Check out: Best iron box brands of India

So, if your iron box looks like what has been described above, there are few effective ways on how to clean an iron.

1. Clean an iron with Toothpaste

  • Make sure your iron is unplugged and the water tank is empty. Also, the plate is cold.
  • Rub the toothpaste (it doesn’t matter which brand) onto the dirty ares of the soleplate.
  • Wipe away the toothpaste with a clean cloth, after a couple of minutes.
  • Plug your iron in and fill the tank with water then place your iron on top on an old towel or close, and set it to steam.
  • Leave the box of 5 minutes and you will get a clean iron.

2. Clean an iron with Baking Soda

  • Make sure that your iron is unplugged, the water tank is empty, and the metal plate is cold.
  • Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with water to make it as a paste.
  • Apply the soda paste to the dirty areas of the soleplate.
  • Rub the plate with a clean cloth or towel until there is no dirt.
  • Wipe the plate with another clean cloth.
  • Fill the water in the tank and plug your box.
  • Plug your iron in and fill the tank with water then place your iron on top on an old towel or close, and set it to steam.
  • Leave the box of 5 minutes and you will get a clean iron.

3. Clean an iron with Vinegar

  • Make a mixture of water and vinegar in equal ratio.
  • Clean the dirty areas with the mixture.
  • Plug your iron and fill the tank with water.
  • Place your iron on top on an old towel or close, and set it to steam.
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes.

For really stubborn stains, make a paste out of two teaspoons of baking soda and white vinegar, then simply follow the “Baking soda” step above.

How to prevent burn marks in the future

Now your iron is nice and clean, you probably don’t want to go through the cleaning process again in the future. The best way of avoiding this is to pay more attention to the heat settings. Try not to use the highest heating as it can cause more scorch marks to build up.

Final Words:

Choose the method that works for you, and make sure you have the required cleaning agents and several clean cloths. Mention the method which was easy and very useful, in the below comment section.

How to find rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go

The basics of Pokemon Go are simple and fun, you going to just walk, catch Pokemon. You can visit poke stops where the players can usually collect poke balls (used to catch Pokémon’s). Players can also find Pokemon eggs that hatch into Pokemon and add them to their Pokedex. But when it comes to mastering the game, there are a lot more you need to know.

Here are some tips to help you become a pokemon pro:  

1. Get pokemon using QR codes

Scan the Pokemon QR codes from this site to reveal Pokemon locations within the game. Without searching for Pokemon, you can get its location in your map using QR codes. To scan those QR codes, you can use your default camera and feed them in your Pokedex.

2. Use your incubators wisely and Hatch your eggs:

The eggs you collect in Poke stops or from gifts will help you to get some Pokemon as well as gain XP and candies. Once you walked and reached the distance – 2km, 5km, 7km or 10km, the egg in the incubator.  Everyone gets an infinite use incubator with an infinite symbol on, and sometimes you will be rewarded with 3x incubators, as well as being able to buy them in the shop.

3. Build your XP and power-up Pokemon:

The skill of the trainer is dictated by the XP you have. You move through the levels of XP and needing more XP each time to level up. But as you do so, you will get higher rewards, evolve and hatch your Pokemon to a high level.

Powering-up your pokemon: When your XP is low means it costs you more candies to do it so. It’s better to save your power-up of Pokemon until you reach a high XP level- over level 20.

4. Manage your backpack:

There is no need to carry every type of Pokemon as a growing collection in your bag and that’s what the Pokedex is for. It’s better to keep only the Pokemon you need. You will need high power versions of Pokemon for gym and raid battles. But it’s better to have a number of powerful Pokemon than one because those pokemon- once register and evolved- won’t really do much for you.   

Also keep your eye out for special edition pokemon- like the seasonal Pikachu, Snorlax, etc.., Because, Pikachu evolve into special Raichu, so it’s worth having and holding these just so you can put them in Gym for other to be jealous of.

5. Transfer Pokémon’s for candies.

There is an option to transfer your Pokemon to the professor in return for Candy, according to their type. For example, if you already have 20 Rattata, you can probably swap some for candies to power up those who will actually battle for you as Raticate. As we said above, you can only carry a finite number of Pokémon’s. If you want all of them to be powerful, so get rid of those weaker specimens.

6. Turn off AR mode:

The AR mode is fun because it brings it to real life, but it uses a battery and it makes the game more difficult. This mode also won’t work on some lower-power phones.

To get a better experience, switch it off and play in the game world and you will find easier to catch the Pokemon.


            These are the top tricks and tips you should know. Hope these tips and tricks will make your gaming experience better. If you are facing any other issue or having queries, do comment below.

How does a VPN function? The working Principles behind VPN

Nowadays if you are a working professional in a global company you have to work through all over the world even when you are traveling or you are not present in your office physically. So today it is very important to use a technology with which you can work for your office from everywhere with a great security option while exchanging important data or information among your office network. For that reason, the importance of the VPN is increased globally. The main feature of the VPN is that they allow secure communications between different networks.

How a VPN Works

If you want to connect the devices which you want, first you need to do is authenticate the devices which you want to connect, mostly you can do using passwords for those computers. You may use other mechanisms such as biometric scanners. This is important because at first, you have to ensure that the devices at either end could not hack or intercept data into the network.

Some devices such as Roku, cannot be connected directly to a VPN. In such cases, you can use your router to connect your device. The router configuration method makes the working of VPN on Roku possible.

At the second step, tunnels are created by VPN across the internet. Through this tunnel, the information can travel out from the source to the destination device. Creating this tunnel, VPN prevents anything unauthorized which can harm the information.

The data which is traveling through the tunnel is said to be encrypted packets of data. Those data packets are traveling between the computers treating as known devices. To this end, the packets treated as an inner and outer packet. The job done by the outer packet is that it has to transport the inner packet from the sender’s network to the receiver’s network.  

If anyone wants to know about the information he only can see the information but not the inner data which is being transported by the outer packet. The actual data is in the inner packet which is being transferred to the destination device without knowing the outsiders of the network. The outer packets are decrypted when their job has done i.e. when they reach the destination network carrying the inner packets and then routed to the correct destination device.

Tunneling Protocol

The name of the software used by the VPN called ‘tunneling protocol’. It uses a 1024 bit encrypted tunnel along with a dynamic IP address. This tunneling helps to carry a packet of data to one computer to another in a network. There is two types of tunneling. Those are compulsory and voluntary tunneling. There is nothing more difference between the two except a simply step. With the compulsory tunneling the user is able to connect with their internet service provider. Then a connection will be set up between the user and the VPN server with the help of internet service provider.

In the case of voluntary tunneling there the connection will be set up by VPN client instead of internet service provider. After that the user itself makes a connection to their internet service provider and then the VPN client application will set up the connection to a VPN server. VPN is the ultimate solution when you want your data remains secure when it is sent over the public network.

Epsxe apk Download latest version and Setup Guide

Did you know that you can run a console emulator on your Android smartphone or tablet? If you’re a veteran of Android and a player, you probably do know it. For recent users, here’s a simple tutorial that will teach you how to install a PSX emulator on your Android device.

But first, a disclaimer …
Installing an emulator in your Android legally needs that you have the console which you are emulating. This means that you must have a PlayStation 1 system to legally run an emulator on your Android device. Owning a PSX console gives you the right to own the BIOS file to run a PSX emulator.

Since the legality of emulated games is complicated, we will not show you how to get the games here. This is what you need to know, anyway. Most of the legal arguments for the possession of a digital copy (a ROM or ISO file) of a game you currently own is consistent with the Fair Use Act and the 1992 Home Recording Act, which states that you are authorized to create and own backup copies. means that you own. These laws ruled the national media scene until 2009, when a lawsuit against RealDVD determined that consumers never had the right to create or own backup copies of their DVDs.

Are video games subject to the same restrictions as CDs or DVDs? Nobody has decided yet, but it is almost certain that downloading ROM and ISO on the Internet is a violation of federal law. So do not do it. Get your games legally, regardless of what it means.

Also, ePSXe, the emulator we use, costs about $ 4 in the Google Play Store. Without further ado, here

How to install a PSX emulator in Android device

What do you need

  • An Android device
  • A PSX console
  • $ 4, for the emulator

Step 1: Get the ePSXe app from the Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store in your phone and search for ePSXe. This fantastic emulator for your Android device costs about $ 4. So prepare to pay this amount when you download it and install it.

When downloading ePSXe, you can continue with step 2.

Step 2: Download 7Zipper from the Google Play Store

7Zipper is like WinZip, but much better. You can check its features and features when you search the Google Play Store.

Now you have ePSXe and 7Zipper installed, you can procees further.

Step 3: Download a BIOS file:

On opening ePSXe , you will see a menu like this.

You will need a BIOS file to run ePSXe. As mentioned above, you only have the right to own a BIOS file if you also have the corresponding video game console. Therefore, if you do not have PSX at this point, stop immediately because you cannot proceed legally.

To get your BIOS file, click the Run BIOS option in the ePSXe menu. You will receive a message similar to the following:

So now you have to find a BIOS file. Since most websites with BIOS files also offer illegal ROMs and ISOs, we will not explain how to do this here.

Once you have a BIOS file, go to step 4.

Step 4: Unzip the BIOS file into 7Zipper

Open the 7Zipper application. Click “Download” on the main screen. Locate the compressed BIOS file in your folder and click it. If you want to select a folder to separate uncompressed files from downloads, now is the time. Otherwise, just click OK.

Once the BIOS file is extracted, click “Close” and exit 7Zipper.

Step 5: Run the BIOS file in ePSXe.

Open the emulator inyour Andriod device. Click on “Run BIOS”. EPSXe will start searching for any BIOS file on the SD card. Once the new unzipping is implemented, you will be ready to go to step 6.

Step 6: Have fun with your emulator.

Now Run you favourite retro game and enjoy the nostalgia.

Ok, maybe not. Good luck finding a legal way to transfer your PSX games to mobile devices. Enjoy your childhood memories.


Best xbox 360 Emulators of 2019

best xbox emulators

If you are new to play the Xbox on PC, then this article is very helpful to you. Playing the Xbox games is a dream for game lovers, but most of them can’t able to buy this expensive thing. Only using emulators its possible to play an Xbox game on your PC. It gives you the same experience with the help of the emulator. Lets take a look through the best Xbox emulator of this time.

Xeon Emulator

Image result for xeon emulator logo

The Xeon emulator is very easy to use and to get most of the games on your PC. Xeon emulator is the best on the market which can run efficiently. But unfortunately, the team Xeon has stopped the updation of its launch. The PC on which the emulator has to be run should be strongly configured and have a high graphics card. You can easily download the emulator from the link on the internet. There is no lagging of games, support both the Windows and MS-DOS.

Xenia Emulator

Image result for xenia emulator logo

The Xenia emulator works on PC and it is an open source emulator for Windows. This emulator is another great choice for PC gamers to play the games and experience an excellent gaming environment. Xenia is the best simulators of the Xbox. It is very secure and best emulator for PC.

DXBX Emulator

Image result for dxbx emulator logo

This emulator is another option for the PC gamers to play the Xbox games. You can try this emulator if you are not satisfied with the CXBX emulator. DXBX emulator isvery similar toCXBX emulator. This emulator is the advanced version of the CXBX emulator. TO run various games on your PC, the best is to use the DXBX which supports HD quality graphics and clear crystal sound effect. Easy to install, with error-free access and highly compatibility have made it for all.

CXBX Emulators

The CXBX is another great one among the other best emulators in the market. The best of this emulator is that the game console supports the video gaming which is having high graphics quality. The great feature of this emulator is that this supports with the modern windows version too. It can be installed easily by anyone. It gives you high performance too and with no lagging quality.

BOX Emulator

Related image

The box emulator is another one which is considered the best emulator to play the game on your PC. They have the best graphics which is supported by this emulator to play the game on PC. This emulator is compatible with different games on the PC supported by the Xbox emulator. The disadvantage of this emulator is, unable to support the pirated games and live games are not supported.


We have given you too few options of the emulator which has different features. Some of the emulators have a great HD quality of graphics and some are supporting most of the games only. These emulators are having some special features of themselves. To get a best gaming experience you can try them. You can download them easily from the official website and get the valid link from them. If you are having any queries with the download you can share it with us.

Best Animated Emojis Apps to Share on Android

best emoji apps

These days smartphone is been used by everyone and used to chat with friends, family and other. Emojis are the best way to talk to your loved one and friends. It’s easy to express your emotions and feelings using emojis in messages. We list a top popular best emoji apps for all android users.

Top best Emoji apps for Android


Image result for giphy logo

GIPHY is a good sticker and emoji apps for Android and iOS users. It easy to improve your texting life with emoji app for free. This emoji app has more popular and special emojis available. You can easily send them and express your feelings by the message with your friends. It also gives you the option to create your own emojis from this app and send it to your friends.

#Elite Emoji

Image result for elite emoji logo

The Elite emoji is free and one of the best emoji apps for Android users. It has sensational emojis and stickers to express emotions with your friends and family. It has a large collection of free minion emojis. You can easily choose and send your favorite sticker to your friends to express your feelings.


Image result for keymoji logo

#SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

Keymoji is another good app which has a collection of free emojis. You can easily get the emojis according to your text. You can simply type a word and it shows all emoji related to your text. It is a cut emoji keyboard app for android users. It has the best feature that it doesn’t collect any personal information or the conversations of the user.

Related image

The SwiftKey keyboard is an amazing keyboard for both Android and iOS users. Artificial Intelligence is been used to learn your writing style. The amazing feature as to auto-suggest you emoji according to your writing which you want to use. It also helps you to auto-correct your text.


Image result for bitmoji app logo

Bitmoji is good free emoji app for android user. It provides you to make your personalized and unique emoji. You must try this app and get some better unique emoji on your device. You can create expressive cartoon avatar from its library of stickers according to your interest. The special feature for this app is you can search the emoji by name and mark it as your favorite.


This is the latest keyboard app developed by Google and owned by it for Android users. This allows you to use GIF, swipe typing, google search and emoji option on your smartphone. The best unique feature of this app allows you to voice to text option so that you can type any text by your voice.


These are the best emoji apps for Android. We hope you love it without getting bored text chatting. The best and top rated emoji apps where you can pick your favorite one from the Google play store. You are free to leave your experience in the comment section.

How to Play xbox 360 games on PC

xbox emulator

Microsoft has launched many different versions of the Xbox. There are lots of amazing Xbox games that game lovers like to play. But not everyone can buy such expensive thing. No one can beat Xbox and Play Station in gaming consoles. You can use Xbox PC emulators to Play Xbox 360 games on your PC. This is the second gaming console in the Xbox series. It gives you the total gaming and entertainment experience.

Image result for xbox 360 logo

Method to play Xbox 360 games on PC

All Xbox games are not available for PC, to get the same experience of Xbox on PC you can use an emulator. The emulator loads the Xbox 360 games on your system. Finding a best working Xbox 360 Emulator for PC can be hard. Here are the tested working methods.

Xenia Emulator

Xenia is a working emulator that allows you to play Xbox games on your PC. No other working emulators are as efficient as this. Xenia was the first emulator projected to emulate Xbox 360. Xenia is an open source application available for free. But it is not able to run all the games effectively. Steps to download the emulator are given below.

  • Download the Xenia Xbox emulator on your PC or Laptop.
  • When the downloading is completed, Unzip the file and extract it to a specific folder.
  • Now, Run the emulator, After the extraction of the file. Open the folder and run the Xenia.exe file which navigates you to the Emulator window.
Image result for xenia emulator
  • Now you have to run the Xbox emulator and load the game to play. You can download the game easily using torrent.
Related image
  • To load the games open the emulator and choose file > open. You can browse and select the game file that you want to load. Now you can play the game easily.
Related image

System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 and 10 only
  • Nvidia graphics
  • OpenGL 4,5 compatible GPU
  • XInput compatible controller


We hope that you can play Xbox 360 games on your PC. The above mentioned software is the best Xbox 360 emulator that is free and easy to operate. We recommend you to try this emulator for better performance. Let us know in the comment section that which game you have tried so that it helps other user to know those games are supported and can run properly with Xenia .