Nowadays if you are a working professional in a global company you have to work through all over the world even when you are traveling or you are not present in your office physically. So today it is very important to use a technology with which you can work for your office from everywhere with a great security option while exchanging important data or information among your office network. For that reason, the importance of the VPN is increased globally. The main feature of the VPN is that they allow secure communications between different networks.

How a VPN Works

If you want to connect the devices which you want, first you need to do is authenticate the devices which you want to connect, mostly you can do using passwords for those computers. You may use other mechanisms such as biometric scanners. This is important because at first, you have to ensure that the devices at either end could not hack or intercept data into the network.

Some devices such as Roku, cannot be connected directly to a VPN. In such cases, you can use your router to connect your device. The router configuration method makes the working of VPN on Roku possible.

At the second step, tunnels are created by VPN across the internet. Through this tunnel, the information can travel out from the source to the destination device. Creating this tunnel, VPN prevents anything unauthorized which can harm the information.

The data which is traveling through the tunnel is said to be encrypted packets of data. Those data packets are traveling between the computers treating as known devices. To this end, the packets treated as an inner and outer packet. The job done by the outer packet is that it has to transport the inner packet from the sender’s network to the receiver’s network.  

If anyone wants to know about the information he only can see the information but not the inner data which is being transported by the outer packet. The actual data is in the inner packet which is being transferred to the destination device without knowing the outsiders of the network. The outer packets are decrypted when their job has done i.e. when they reach the destination network carrying the inner packets and then routed to the correct destination device.

Tunneling Protocol

The name of the software used by the VPN called ‘tunneling protocol’. It uses a 1024 bit encrypted tunnel along with a dynamic IP address. This tunneling helps to carry a packet of data to one computer to another in a network. There is two types of tunneling. Those are compulsory and voluntary tunneling. There is nothing more difference between the two except a simply step. With the compulsory tunneling the user is able to connect with their internet service provider. Then a connection will be set up between the user and the VPN server with the help of internet service provider.

In the case of voluntary tunneling there the connection will be set up by VPN client instead of internet service provider. After that the user itself makes a connection to their internet service provider and then the VPN client application will set up the connection to a VPN server. VPN is the ultimate solution when you want your data remains secure when it is sent over the public network.

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