The basics of Pokemon Go are simple and fun, you going to just walk, catch Pokemon. You can visit poke stops where the players can usually collect poke balls (used to catch Pokémon’s). Players can also find Pokemon eggs that hatch into Pokemon and add them to their Pokedex. But when it comes to mastering the game, there are a lot more you need to know.

Here are some tips to help you become a pokemon pro:  

1. Get pokemon using QR codes

Scan the Pokemon QR codes from this site to reveal Pokemon locations within the game. Without searching for Pokemon, you can get its location in your map using QR codes. To scan those QR codes, you can use your default camera and feed them in your Pokedex.

2. Use your incubators wisely and Hatch your eggs:

The eggs you collect in Poke stops or from gifts will help you to get some Pokemon as well as gain XP and candies. Once you walked and reached the distance – 2km, 5km, 7km or 10km, the egg in the incubator.  Everyone gets an infinite use incubator with an infinite symbol on, and sometimes you will be rewarded with 3x incubators, as well as being able to buy them in the shop.

3. Build your XP and power-up Pokemon:

The skill of the trainer is dictated by the XP you have. You move through the levels of XP and needing more XP each time to level up. But as you do so, you will get higher rewards, evolve and hatch your Pokemon to a high level.

Powering-up your pokemon: When your XP is low means it costs you more candies to do it so. It’s better to save your power-up of Pokemon until you reach a high XP level- over level 20.

4. Manage your backpack:

There is no need to carry every type of Pokemon as a growing collection in your bag and that’s what the Pokedex is for. It’s better to keep only the Pokemon you need. You will need high power versions of Pokemon for gym and raid battles. But it’s better to have a number of powerful Pokemon than one because those pokemon- once register and evolved- won’t really do much for you.   

Also keep your eye out for special edition pokemon- like the seasonal Pikachu, Snorlax, etc.., Because, Pikachu evolve into special Raichu, so it’s worth having and holding these just so you can put them in Gym for other to be jealous of.

5. Transfer Pokémon’s for candies.

There is an option to transfer your Pokemon to the professor in return for Candy, according to their type. For example, if you already have 20 Rattata, you can probably swap some for candies to power up those who will actually battle for you as Raticate. As we said above, you can only carry a finite number of Pokémon’s. If you want all of them to be powerful, so get rid of those weaker specimens.

6. Turn off AR mode:

The AR mode is fun because it brings it to real life, but it uses a battery and it makes the game more difficult. This mode also won’t work on some lower-power phones.

To get a better experience, switch it off and play in the game world and you will find easier to catch the Pokemon.


            These are the top tricks and tips you should know. Hope these tips and tricks will make your gaming experience better. If you are facing any other issue or having queries, do comment below.

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