Did you know that you can run a console emulator on your Android smartphone or tablet? If you’re a veteran of Android and a player, you probably do know it. For recent users, here’s a simple tutorial that will teach you how to install a PSX emulator on your Android device.

But first, a disclaimer …
Installing an emulator in your Android legally needs that you have the console which you are emulating. This means that you must have a PlayStation 1 system to legally run an emulator on your Android device. Owning a PSX console gives you the right to own the BIOS file to run a PSX emulator.

Since the legality of emulated games is complicated, we will not show you how to get the games here. This is what you need to know, anyway. Most of the legal arguments for the possession of a digital copy (a ROM or ISO file) of a game you currently own is consistent with the Fair Use Act and the 1992 Home Recording Act, which states that you are authorized to create and own backup copies. means that you own. These laws ruled the national media scene until 2009, when a lawsuit against RealDVD determined that consumers never had the right to create or own backup copies of their DVDs.

Are video games subject to the same restrictions as CDs or DVDs? Nobody has decided yet, but it is almost certain that downloading ROM and ISO on the Internet is a violation of federal law. So do not do it. Get your games legally, regardless of what it means.

Also, ePSXe, the emulator we use, costs about $ 4 in the Google Play Store. Without further ado, here

How to install a PSX emulator in Android device

What do you need

  • An Android device
  • A PSX console
  • $ 4, for the emulator

Step 1: Get the ePSXe app from the Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store in your phone and search for ePSXe. This fantastic emulator for your Android device costs about $ 4. So prepare to pay this amount when you download it and install it.

When downloading ePSXe, you can continue with step 2.

Step 2: Download 7Zipper from the Google Play Store

7Zipper is like WinZip, but much better. You can check its features and features when you search the Google Play Store.

Now you have ePSXe and 7Zipper installed, you can procees further.

Step 3: Download a BIOS file:

On opening ePSXe , you will see a menu like this.

You will need a BIOS file to run ePSXe. As mentioned above, you only have the right to own a BIOS file if you also have the corresponding video game console. Therefore, if you do not have PSX at this point, stop immediately because you cannot proceed legally.

To get your BIOS file, click the Run BIOS option in the ePSXe menu. You will receive a message similar to the following:

So now you have to find a BIOS file. Since most websites with BIOS files also offer illegal ROMs and ISOs, we will not explain how to do this here.

Once you have a BIOS file, go to step 4.

Step 4: Unzip the BIOS file into 7Zipper

Open the 7Zipper application. Click “Download” on the main screen. Locate the compressed BIOS file in your folder and click it. If you want to select a folder to separate uncompressed files from downloads, now is the time. Otherwise, just click OK.

Once the BIOS file is extracted, click “Close” and exit 7Zipper.

Step 5: Run the BIOS file in ePSXe.

Open the emulator inyour Andriod device. Click on “Run BIOS”. EPSXe will start searching for any BIOS file on the SD card. Once the new unzipping is implemented, you will be ready to go to step 6.

Step 6: Have fun with your emulator.

Now Run you favourite retro game and enjoy the nostalgia.

Ok, maybe not. Good luck finding a legal way to transfer your PSX games to mobile devices. Enjoy your childhood memories.

Source: http://epsxeapkdl.co/

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