In your initial decision, there is three types of Pokemon you can choose from water, grass, and fire. We are here to list the Reasons why Fire-Type Pokemon are the Best Starters.

Fire-type is known to be one of the three types of starter Pokemon. Their attacks are based on Fire attacks and most of them attack that can burn. Fire-type Pokemon have fewer species than other starter types due to the absence of natural phenomena.

Some fire species are based on the terrestrial animals that are known for their predatory, such as Pyroar, Arcanine, and Heatmor. You can win the gym battles and raid, using the strength and weakness chart of the Pokemon in this post.

It is very hard to deny that the fire Pokemon has a pretty sick evolution. In Red&Blue, the fire starter, Charmander evolves into Charizard.

Best Fire Type Pokémon

  1. Arcanine
  2. Volcarona
  3. Talonflame
  4. Ninetales
  5. Heatran
  6. Blaziken
  7. Ho-Oh
  8. Charizard

15 Reasons why the Fire-type pokemon are the best starters:

  1. They are very rare than other type Pokemon.
  2. They have very few weaknesses.
  3. They have incredibly tough evolutions.
  4. Many Fire Starters gain an additional type when they evolve.
  5. They are extremely fast.
  6. They have really high attack stats.
  7. They have high special attack stats.
  8. Very strong against a lot of types of Pokemon.
  9. It is modeled after real animals.
  10. Looks Very Cute.
  11. Charizard is the most searched Pokemon.
  12. It has a few moves that inflict damage after they have been used.
  13. It has unique and annoying challenges for you.
  14. It makes you a well-rounded Pokemon trainer.
  15. Fire is just pretty cool.   


Pokemon X and Y changed all of that. Where Charizard was granted, not just one but separate Mega forms, the only Pokemon besides Mewtwo is to be given that honor. Charizard became a monstrously powerful pokemon in Sun sweeper and a formidable Fire & Dragon attacker both in one.

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