There is a wide range of products and technologies. Going far to one side can end up with superficial content. If you find yourself too far from the opposite side, you will end up with an article. Our goal is to reach somewhere in the middle, being at the point as much as possible. We use the scientific method in all our efforts. Ensure reliability by repeating the tests several times, comparing the results with the control groups and implementing proven test methodologies. We have created the vast majority of our own test suites using benchmarks and industry standards. They are simply used by our reviewers to better understand the product being evaluated and to provide you with better overall content.

We have a very small team. We are also human and we too make mistakes. We welcome criticism from our readers and sellers. Seeking perfection does not mean being perfect from the beginning, but being able and willing to improve on the evidence that you are not perfect. This is important to us – negative feedback is difficult to be heard, but we take it in a positive way and use them to improve our knowledge.

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